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thetwilightbite's Journal

The Twilight Bite ♥
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A Twilight Community ♥

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Welcome to thetwilightbite for all your need-to-know info on Twilight. Here you can post news as well as, fanfic, layouts, icons, fan mixes and more! [just try to keep it Twilight related!]

001. No bashing of Twilight [including the actors/actresses, directors, author etc] will be tolerated, and posts will be deleted on the spot. Everyone has a right to their own opinion; but we'd prefer that if you have a rude comment you'll keep it to yourself.

002. Posts here must be Twilight related. Off topic posts (like html help), fic recs/searches etc. will be removed.

003. Respect the opinions of others. No bashing of other members, Stephenie Meyer, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and any other actors will be tolerated. There will also be no bashing of anyone else's personal casting choices.

004. Large/several images (over 500px wide), fan mixes (a preview is okay), fan fiction, and posts containing more than 4 icons must be under an lj-cut.

005. if you take any graphics posted, please remember to credit

006. When posting fic you must use the following format OR a clear variation of it with proper warnings (rating is a must):

<8>Summary: </8>

REPLACE the "8"'s with "b"'s!

Don't include an image or clutter up your preview with a link to all chapters (unless they're all on a single line. Otherwise, only include a link to the current chapter and the previous/first chapter).

007. Don't link to locked posts outside of this community or disable comments to your entries. Likewise, do not post links to locked posts in this community (or the info in them) outside of the comm.

008. Do not make a post promoting a community/site/etc. or one selling items. There are many other comm.'s out there, for these kinds of purposes.

009. If any of the mods feel you are being inappropriate or not following the rules, you will be banned from the community. The mods also have the right to delete any post they deem unsuitable for the community. If you have a question regarding the deletion of your post/comment or have a similar complaint, please message one of the mods or use our Page-A-Mod message system.

any questions, comments, requests or complaints? Feel free to message any of the mods:

- beesandbuttons
- hesmahmonkeyman

we will get back to you A.S.A.P

or you can Page-A-Mod
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