Bryce Dallas Howard to Replace Rachelle LeFevre as Victoria in Eclipse!

Bryce Dallas Howard Eclipse Victoria

Rachelle LeFevre, who played vamp baddie Victoria in Twilight and New Moon, has stepped down from the role of Victoria in Eclipse!

Actress Rachelle Lefevre Will Be Replaced By Howard In The Role Of Victoria

Los Angeles – July 28, 2009 – Summit Entertainment announced today that Bryce Dallas Howard will take over the role of “Victoria” in the studio’s upcoming production of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. Actress, Rachelle Lefevre, who portrayed the character in TWILIGHT as well as the upcoming release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, will not continue in the role due to scheduling conflicts with another commitment the actor has made. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE will start filming in Vancouver this coming August.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, the third film in the studio’s TWILIGHT film franchise based on Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster book series, will be directed by David Slade from a screenplay written by Melissa Rosenberg. The film will be released theatrically in North America on Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

“We are incredibly happy that Bryce has agreed to come into the franchise,” said Erik Feig, Summit’s President of Worldwide Production and Acquisitions. “Rachelle brought “Victoria” to great screen life and Bryce will bring a new dimension to the character. The franchise is lucky to have such a talented actress as Bryce coming in to fill the role.”

Howard most recently starred in TERMINATOR SALVATION as Kate Connor and has been seen in SPIDER-MAN 3, LADY IN THE WATER, and THE VILLAGE. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her leading performance as an actress in the HBO film AS YOU LIKE IT.

Why did Rachelle LeFevre leave, you ask? The Hollywood Reporter shows this project in her future:

Rosamund Pike, Minnie Driver and Rachelle Lefevre are playing Paul Giamatti’s many wives in “Barney’s Version,” the adaptation of the Mordecai Richler novel being directed by Richard Lewis. Robert Lantos is producing via his Serendipity Point Films.”Barney’s” tells the story of the politically incorrect, fully lived life of the impulsive, irascible and fearlessly blunt Barney Panofsky (Giamatti).

Lefevre will play Clara, Barney’s first wife, a wild, troubled artist. Driver plays Barney’s second wife, the annoyingly loquacious Mrs. “P.” Miriam, Barney’s third wife and true love, will be played by Pike.

Principal photography starts Aug. 17 in Rome. Dustin Hoffman also is in the cast, playing Barney’s father.

Comic-Con: Better Quality Twilight New Moon Clips & New Interview

Summit Entertainment must not have been enforcing video cameras during their The Twilight Saga: New Moon Comic-Con panel. That, or the tween screams were so deafening as to send security crumbling to their knees in pain.

The second set of two extended New Moon clips debuting at Comic-Con have hit the web courtesy of someone unafraid to whip out their camera. They are shot from a closer vantage point than the previous pair with what can only be a pricier camera. In other words, they are superior.

I've also included an interview session recorded by Entertainment Weekly in the Hard Rock Cafe's quiet green room with EW's Nicole Sperling casually interviewing New Moon director Chris Weitz and cast members Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Ashley Greene.

Check out the clip madness and interview below.





The Twilight Saga: New Moon's director talks soundtrack


It must be the most hotly anticipated soundtrack of the year and now we have a date Twifans, for it has been confirmed that the music from The Twilight Saga: New Moon will be hitting US store shelves on 13th October, 5 and a half weeks before the film opens on 20th November. This is obviously great news for our transatlantic cousins who can jot the date in their diaries now, though sadly for those in the UK there’s no date for release confirmed yet. But let’s turn that frown upside down as Chris Weitz; the director of the sequel to last year’s Twilight has been opening up about which artists are likely to make it onto the hallowed collection…

So what do we know already? That Paramore aren’t turning up for a second appearance after donating two classic tracks to the Twilight soundtrack and that the franchise’s star, Robert Pattinson is also unlikely to repeat his crooning contribution. Over to Chris for more.

Talking at last week’s Comic-Con, the helmer was asked if he’s had to reject any big names eager to get onto the soundtrack “Well, fortunately I’m not at the stage where I have to turn anybody down yet,” he revealed, “because everything is still kind of up in the air, but I am surprised by some of the bands that have said they are interested. It’s kind of great. The criteria will still be what’s right for the movie at that given moment, but y’know, Thom Yorke is interested. We might, if we’re very lucky, get Kings of Leon to do something. So, it’s exciting to have access to this kind of talent.”

Thom Yorke? Kings of Leon? Wow! He went onto explain that he was yet to listen to Yorke’s new track, but that “unless it’s sounds of him belching, I think I’ll put it in.” He also went on to drop more names such as Bon Iver, the band of folk singer/ songwriter Justin Vernon. “I selfishly want to put songs in by artists I love. And some the cast and crew also happen to love. I think [Bon Iver] is fantastic. He says he wrote it for the film, but who ever knows if it might just be something laying around in his cupboard.”

This all sounds incredibly exciting and suggests that after the likes of Muse and Paramore, this second soundtrack might be headed in a new direction. Do we like what we’re hearing Boxwishers and what other suggestions do we have? Leave a comment and give us your take on the New Moon soundtrack.

Get the Twilight soundtrack.


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London Film and Comic Con 09

London Film and Comic Con 09
I went to the London Film and Comic Con 2009 that was held in Earls Court, London on Jule 17th and 18h.  I had the opportunity to meet Alex Meraz, Justin Chong and Peter Facinelli.
To summarize, I had a photoshoot with Alex as well as with Peter. I have two autograph (one with autograph+ my name and the other just the autograph); I have an autograph of Peter. I did not have any pic or any autograph of Justin because I had already spent 80 pounds just for Peter and Alex XD.

Mixed Feelings on Twilight Tourism from La Push Quileute


The NY Post has a new article detailing the mixed feelings in Forks, WA and La Push –home of the Quileute Wolf Pack in the Twilight Saga–concerning the influx of visitors due to Twilight Tourism in the area.

“There are mixed feelings,” says tribal council member Anna Rose Counsell. Over the last three months, the tribe has struggled over what to do. “This is a phenomenon that is happening whether we like it or not.”

Tribal leaders hired a p.r. pro, Jackie Jacobs, in February after being inundated with “Twilight” inquiries. The tribe opened its Wednesday night drum circle to all visitors, which recently included two families of “Twilight” fans.

At the tribe-owned Oceanside Resort, director Renee Rux says business is up 30 percent, thanks to “Twilight.” “It’s been huge for us,” Rux says. The resort recently partnered with a charter boat company to offer “Twilight” tour packages for $250.

At the moment, the shop stocks few “Twilight” souvenirs, including hand-knit hats emblazoned with “Bella,” “Jacob” and “Edward.” Another holds $8 bottles of sand, labeled “Jacob’s Treasure.”

Rux, a non-native, retrained the staff to reach out to visitors. “That’s the paradigm shift,” she says. “People [now] want that experience of being with the Quileute.”

“This is our opportunity to educate people on Quileute history,” Counsell says.

Read the entire interesting article over at the NY Post.

Robert Pattinson to Attend Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego?

While we're assured Robert Pattinson didn't have the most relaxing holiday weekend—maybe because of his beefed-up work schedule, his distaste for New York or lady troubles, or all of the above—we think he'll be much more cheered up today. (More on his blah InWhySee blues soon, promise.)

Twitter is buzzing that Rob will be attending Comic-Con down in San Diego in a couple weeks, if his schedule will allow it.

So is that legit? And what New Moon gal will accompany him? Do read on:

We're assured by our knowledgeable sources that, as of now, R.Pattz is a definite go to hit the San Diego festival. And he won't be traveling alone. Kristen Stewart will be by his side, too! With Robsten's over-the-top filming schedule, not to mention the vicious rumors flying around about the couple, Kristen and Rob have had quite the past couple of weeks.

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Robert Pattinson Sick of New York While Filming Remember Me?

Robert Pattinson New York

New Moon megastar Robert Pattinson continues filming Remember Me in New York after the holiday weekend. Check out all the new pics from today from Celebrity-Gossip and Splash News.

Numerous gossipy sources are reporting that the Rob isn’t too happy in NYC though–

“He’s embarrassed by the way girls throw themselves at him. The girls here are stalking him. He stayed in two different hotels over the course of four days just to try to escape the fans who were following him. He’s afraid that if he gives a hand, they’ll take the whole arm. He’s being advised by security not to encourage the crowd, so he doesn’t even look up anymore.”