Edi, Justin, and Gil Talk Twilight & New Moon

Twilight Examiner  has a great transcript from the Twilife show in Orlando this weekend.

Q: In the books, some of the character ethnicity was a little bit undefined, so how has it been to approach portraying these characters with a diverse cast?

Justin: … the obvious one is ‘I didn’t know Eric was Asian.’

Edi: Do they say ‘I didn’t know he was Asian’ or do they say ‘he’s not Asian?’

Justin: ‘I didn’t know he was Asian’ or ‘When did Yorkie become an Asian last name?’ But I think those both are good things to worry about. You know? … being Asian, that’s cool too because it brings awareness that we need a cast that’s more diverse. And so I think it’s a good thing that people are talking about it.

Q: Okay, so favorite scene in New Moon?

Edi: The meadow scene …

Justin: The meadow scene … [laughs]

Gil: The meadow scene …

Edi: Yeah! Bring Laurent back!

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UK Twilight Fans - Meet Emmett Cullen In The Flesh!

Twilight Proms is an unofficial UK Twilight event. There are two separate events, and these are:
Friday 18th - Saturday 19th of September 2009 at The Hilton Metropole Hotel, London
& Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th of September 2009 at The Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham NEC

The guests for this event are: Kellan Lutz 'Emmett Cullen', Chaske Spencer 'Sam Uley' (Making his first ever UK appearance) and Jose Zuniga 'Mr. Molina'.

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For more information on these, check out the official website: TWILIGHT PROMS!

New Moon Movie Companion: The Cover

This just in from the official Twilight Saga Site:

“So…here it is! The cover for New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion which is to be published by Little, Brown on October 6th. The book is packed with exclusive full-color photos of the cast, sets and locations and is the ultimate companion to your soon-to-be favorite movie!

What? You want more?! Well then keep checking back to thetwilightsaga.com for sneak peeks of more content…coming soon!”

You can check out the update HERE.